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Shayla L. Davis, is a former State Representative and City Council Member of Garfield Hts. Her experience spans notable roles, including Chief Strategy Officer, and Director at the Office of Minority Health, highlighting her commitment to public service and welfare.


Shayla's educational pursuits have been pivotal to her career accomplishments. She earned degrees in Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, and Law from Cleveland State University, which have endowed her with extensive knowledge of organizational operations, legal tenets, and the workings of the nonprofit sector, thereby sharpening her abilities to manage intricate community issues and advocate for meaningful public policy.


Shayla's commitment to servant leadership and strong family values significantly enhances her commitment to public service, fostering a more empathetic and effective approach in her professional life. This grounding influence from her family enhances her empathetic and effective approach to work. 


Administrative Service Coordinator

Heather Paramore


Kish Richardson

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